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Categories: Neutral, Factual & Design

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Life Is Beautiful
Beautiful, elegantly sunny piano solo - light but thoughtful.

Future Design
Ambient intro builds with bass and solid beat to positive electronic theme. Spacey, warm, edgy electronica.

Busy Little Things
Speedy plucked strings tumbling speedily onward, imply busy activity with a sense of cuteness and gentle charm.

Summer Beauty
Neutral but warmly emotive, light minimalism with plucked strings, clarinet and sparkling celeste. Perfect soundtrack to soft, natural beauty.

Gentle Light
Luminous pads with gentle glassy synth sequences and echoey piano line form airy, meditative atmosphere.

Waiting For Results
Tense and gloomy electronic bed for long anxious waits.

Mysteries In Technology
Mysterious and moody sequenced synth bed with subtle clock-ticking and reverse effects builds layer by layer.

Coming Together
Euphorically upbeat rolling trip-hop with a psychedelic edge.

On Reflection
Weird and atmospheric glitch elements grow with airy piano, clock FX and pads to create pensive, insistent bed with a suggestion of passing time.

Positive Dreaming
Super slow-moving ambient soundtrack. Positive in a spacey way.

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