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Categories: Modern/Folky Chill

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Off The Beaten Track
Happy, upbeat acoustic Folk guitars over light percussion with violas and Columbian tiple (small guitar). Warm and lively.

Quit The Rat Race
Upbeat acoustic Folk with picked acoustic guitar, upright bass, light percussion and mandolin.

Country Kitchen
Mellow folk guitar builds with upright bass, mandocello and bouzouki.

Working With Wood
Leisurely, neutral finger-picked folk guitar with upright bass.

When The Day Is Done
Light-hearted, finger-picked folk acoustic guitar. Bright and cheerful.

Woodland Habitats
Gently flowing picked acoustic Indy-Folk guitars.

Country Escape
Bright and positive 'unplugged' acoustic Indie guitars.

Walk In The Woods
Gentle, pensive picked acoustic guitar with bass and light percussion. Touching and peaceful.

Changing Countryside
Medium-pace calm, neutral atmosphere with rippling acoustic guitar and bass.

Nature Trail
Gentle acoustic guitar picking joined by soft percussion and bass. Ambling and easy-going.

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