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Gentle Journeys
Contented and warm, gently rolling Nu-Folk with ukulele, guitar and light glitchy fx.

Smiley Happy
Cheerful ukulule over poppy, fun backing with lighthearted glitchy fx.

Fun With Bubbles
Wacky, nu-folky cheerfulness with ukuleles and bubbly fx.

Happy Shopping
Quirky, fun-loving whistling and ukulele over bouncy backing.

Family Freedom
Warm, gently uplifting Nu-Folk with acoustic guitar and bells. Builds with rhythm section @ 1:13.

Wacky Busy
Quirky, fun loving wackiness with acoustic guitar and ukulele.

Happy Lifestyle
Sunny, upbeat Nu-Folk with ambling beat, accordion and bells. Happy and warm.

On A High
Happy, uplifting Nu-Folk Indie with upbeat drums, piano and mandolin.

Family Farm
Mellow, upbeat acoustic-guitars and light percussion with a simple, happy, rural feel.

After A Long Day
Gently reflective mood with picked acoustic guitar. Wistful pastoral beauty.

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