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Categories: Minimal Techno

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Simple Tech
Warm, friendly Electronica with light beat and happy bleeps.

Neutral technological atmosphere. Light and simple.

Clinical Trials
Bright, positive, neutral atmosphere with light percussion and bubbly tech fx..

Chrome Zone
Light, technological soundscape with beats and synths. Neutral Electronica.

Dark Pursuits
Intensely creepy and threatening electronica/sound-design into urgent percussive groove with FX.

Edge Tech
Dark, prowling, uptempo minimal techno, combining urgency and subtle menace.

Dream Machines
Extreme Minimal House with eerie atmospheric chords and FX- dark and sexy.

Dark Technology
Dark, mid-paced electronic beats with hits.

Fast Technology
Light, fast upbeat electronica with positive, neutral feel.

Medium-paced, thoughtful, positive Electronica with neutral feel. Good for voice-overs.

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