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Categories: Middle & Near East

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Desert Tension
Tense Middle Eastern atmosphere with dark drones, Arabic instruments, voices and FX. 

Voices Of Maghreb
Dreamy Middle-Eastern atmosphere with Arabic male and female voices develops into chilled Worldbeat theme with Duduk.

Song Of The Sands
Passionate Arabic female vocal lament over tranquil Middle-Eastern backing. Haunting and beautiful.

Arabic flavoured Chillout/Worldbeat with female voice and laid-back beats. Exotic, warm and relaxed.

Zem Zem
Pounding Tech House with dramatic Middle-Eastern atmospherics and Arabic female vocals.

New Persepolis
Urgent, classic Arabic string orchestra motifs with saz and dulcimer over driving modern backbeat. Thriving, glamorous and exciting.

Eastern Enigma
Urgent, lush Middle-Eastern rising theme builds with Duduk, Oud, Zither and Arabic vocal elements. Enigmatic and exotic.

Tense pulsing bass slowly builds to dramatic Duduk theme. Dark and momentous.

Oasis Lounge
Happy, upbeat Middle-East/Reggae crossover with Arabic female voices, Oud (lute) and infectious, dancing beat.

Desert Pursuit
Fast driving drums with Middle-Eastern instruments and strong Arabic strings motif. Exotic, exciting, modern and fun.

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