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Light And Wonder
Gently uplifting, breezy, waltzing wonder with piano, light orchestra and female choir.

The Enchanted Wood
Tiptoeing plucked strings and woodwind create atmosphere of soft rural magic.

Magic And Wonder
Slowly lilting orchestral waltz. Gently magical and delicate.

Winter Wonderland
Winter magic with sparkling chimes, lightly plucked strings, orchestra and choir.

Simple, touching glockenspiel with harp and strings. Peaceful and innocent.

Simple piano arpeggio develops into flowing, retrospective, magical childhood atmosphere.

Nite Nite
Slow and sleepy lullaby with warm acoustic guitar and tinkling bells. Tender and magical.

The Magic Clock
Warmly fantastical orchestral waltz with grandfather clock ticking FX.

Toyshop Fantasia
Enchanted orchestral fairytale waltz with music-box.

Steam Age Paris
Plodding, weary burlesque band playing the very late-shift, with steam FX. Comically downbeat and surreal.

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