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Jazz Café
Quirky, upbeat Latin Jazz-Lounge with infectious Bossa beat, flighty flute and piano. Lighthearted and fun.

Late Cool
Smoky, smooth late-night Jazz with a retro feel and catchy laid-back riff.

Bim Bam Boom
60s retro Afro-Cuban Cha-Cha kitsch-fest featuring sultry female vocals and explosive brass. Fun, catchy and cute.

Retail Therapy
Cool Balearic Beach-House/Lounge for some up-market retail therapy.

Brazilian Beach Retro
Cool, slightly edgy Latin dinner-jazz meets light Balearic House.

Venus Smiling
Quirky retro Lounge-House with cutesy female vocal licks. Venus hops off her pedestal to enjoy some me-time at Chanel.

Dream Girl
Dreamy blend of lounge-jazz, folk ballad and Spaghetti Western. Moody and atmospheric.

Fiesta Lounge
Upbeat House groover with ethereal female vocals.