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Game Boy
Quirky Bigbeat with a lighthearted, fun, gaming feel.

Fun With Bubbles
Wacky, nu-folky cheerfulness with ukuleles and bubbly fx.

Silly Games
Upbeat fun and games with comic sound effects throughout. Very silly indeed!

Easy Listening Xmas
Authentic retro-sixties Easy Listening, with kitsch organ, lush strings and happy cha-cha beat.

Funtime Tonight
Super-upbeat retro-sixties TV theme tune with cheesy vintage organ and glitzy brass.

Late Show
Catchy TV theme tune featuring Hammond organ over chatshow-style house band.

Hurry To Silly Town
Bouncy, hurrying Electronica with a cute, catchy tune, bleeps and crashes.

Wacky Science
Fast, fun, comedy Dubstep/Electronica with bleeps, wobbles and whistles.

Antiques Show
Classical trumpet over light, breezy orchestra. Regal and jolly.

Happy Go Lucky
Purposeful upbeat house-band with plucked strings, organ and piano taking turns center stage. Breezy accompaniment to light action.

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