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Categories: Light, Airy & Floating

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Light And Wonder
Gently uplifting, breezy, waltzing wonder with piano, light orchestra and female choir.

The Enchanted Wood
Tiptoeing plucked strings and woodwind create atmosphere of soft rural magic.

Tranquil Awakening
Light, tranquil atmosphere with delicately flowing minimalist piano, soft mallets and strings.

Kite Flying
A sunny, windy day perfectly captured by piano and light orchestra. Watch the trees sway and the kites dancing in the breeze.

Dancing In The Breeze
Airily mysterious guitar, piano and harp figures intertwine over lush strings. Serious and atmospheric.

Summer Meadow
Upbeat, uptempo light solo piano with a summery, rural feel.

Ballet Charmant
Light, uptempo piano waltz recalls the cute charms of childhood.

Finding Hope
Airy, purposeful piano meditation builds to uplifting conclusion.

Fast cyclical piano figures follow thoughtful, emphatic harmonic story.

Cloud Watching
Balletic piano meditation on anything light and thoughtful.

Pages:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8