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Categories: Late Night/Sophisticated

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Armenian Nights
Sophisticated Middle-Eastern filmic Crossover with lonely Duduk (Armenian reed pipe), chilled beats and bass.

Heat Haze
Minimal, suspenseful, atmospheric house with an edge.

Summer Wind
Sensual chilled house with dreamy electronic vocal atmospherics over rolling, growling bassline.

Thoughtful, atmospheric chilled house with dreamy female vocal fragments.

Icy cool chilled techy-house groove with airy atmospherics including big, spacey breath effects. Sparsely melodic piano lines enter at 1:50.

Gliding abstract house groover with a thoughtful, technological edge.

Prowling Deep House with punchy drum groove and spacey, sexy atmospherics across the top.

Dark and shadowy Deep House electronic groover featuring creepy atmospherics.

Night Driver
Dark and moody progressive/deep house groover with haunting synth melodies and FX.

Time To Think
Serious, thoughtful Indie guitars over solemn, slow beat evokes atmosphere of deep concern.

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