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Categories: Late Night/Romantic

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Tears In Vienna
Beautiful, gushingly emotional piano with orchestra. Highly romantic and sentimental.

Voices Of Maghreb
Dreamy Middle-Eastern atmosphere with Arabic male and female voices develops into chilled Worldbeat theme with Duduk.

Song Of The Sands
Passionate Arabic female vocal lament over tranquil Middle-Eastern backing. Haunting and beautiful.

Vintage Love Affair
Vintage 70s Euro-cinema idea of incredibly touching and emotional, with old synths. When sad becomes funny.

Dreamy, gently psychedelic, and considerably cheesy homage to the great French romances of the 60s and 70s. Retro lounge with ethereal 'la la' female vocal.

Douce Tristesse
Sweetly melancholic, nostalgic French romance with accordion and guitar.

The First Kiss
Achingly nostalgic, impossibly romantic Waltz for accordion, violin and piano. Just you, the moonlight and Edna Purviance. Circa 1920.

Nite Nite
Slow and sleepy lullaby with warm acoustic guitar and tinkling bells. Tender and magical.

I'm So High
Light, chilled beat with sensual female voices and gently euphoric tune. Carefree, dreamy, relaxed and sensual.

Future Retro
Complex mix of filmic orchestral into jazzy breakbeat feat. surreal retro trumpet; modern cool meets gushing retro glamour.

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