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Categories: Laid-Back, Relaxed, Easygoing

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Happier Living
Cool and airy chilled electronica with super-smooth, floaty synth lead. Upbeat, neutral and super-modern.

Funky Soca
Happy Caribbean Soca band with easy-going guitars and brass. Sunny and upbeat.

Hazy Days
Warmly enigmatic, rolling, trip-hoppy electronica with a surreally contented touch.

Light And Wonder
Gently uplifting, breezy, waltzing wonder with piano, light orchestra and female choir.

Soft And Gentle
Gentle, folky acoustic guitars, bells and plucked strings. Soft, warm and cute.

Summer Joy
Warm rolling piano over soft acoustic-folk backing with ukulele. Light and relaxed.

Holiday High
Upbeat Indie-Folk with violin lead. Warm and happy.

Virtual Dreams
Spacey, tech atmosphere builds with dreamy female voice and sense of chilled, trippy wonder.

New Horizons
Uplifting ambient intro builds with chilled beats into mellow, optimistic theme.

Arabic flavoured Chillout/Worldbeat with female voice and laid-back beats. Exotic, warm and relaxed.

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