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Smiley Happy
Cheerful ukulule over poppy, fun backing with lighthearted glitchy fx.

Fun With Bubbles
Wacky, nu-folky cheerfulness with ukuleles and bubbly fx.

Wacky Busy
Quirky, fun loving wackiness with acoustic guitar and ukulele.

Busy Little Things
Speedy plucked strings tumbling speedily onward, imply busy activity with a sense of cuteness and gentle charm.

Positive Outcome
Lively, positive plucked strings build with gently soaring solo violin and light orchestral touches.

Light And Playful
Sunny and warm, upbeat orchestral minimalism with softly plucked strings, clarinet, light percussion and tinkling vibraphone.

Being Mr Bean
Bright and fun, comic orchestra with jaunty Rock 'n' Roll woodwind, harpsichord, light drums and marimbas.

Dub That Jig
Squelchy, Dubstep-influenced Irish Jig with half-time beat and bright, catchy tune.

Happy Ireland
Upbeat modern-style Irish reel with light dubby beats and bass, bright melody and fiddle.

Celtic Cute
Chirpy, bright electronic Irish jig with Dubstep squelches and bouncy beat.

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