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Warm, uplifting Indie Rock with soaring female voices builds to euphoric, explosive finale @ 1:36.

Along The Shoreline
Flowing, upbeat Pop-Rock with bright, catchy piano theme. Warm and uplifting.

Surf Spooks
Fast, fun Surf Rock with a spooky twist!

Big Air
Exhilarating, medium/fast Nu-Punk Rock workout. Youthful and fun.

Thoughtful guitar intro into serious, restless, breaks-driven indie pop-rocker.

Racing BackVersions/Download
Edgy intro grows into increasingly uplifting and urgent indie soundtrack.

Indie rocker builds from thoughtful start to uplifting theme.

Help Is At HandVersions/Download
Wistful piano explodes into ultra-feelgood Indie Rock anthem at 20secs. Emotive soundtrack to humanitarian endeavour.

On The Up
Piano intro bursts into highly positive Indie Rock at 30sec. Confident and inspiring. (Alternate version has longer intro for voice over)

Guitar builds with piano before breaking into quick feelgood groove. Uplifting Post-Rock.

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