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Categories: Indie Dance

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Enter The Titans
Massively portentous synth chord intro builds to towering pop-electronic anthem.

Bright Future
Chilled, techy ambience with inspiring female voice builds to full theme at 60 secs.

Breath Of Freedom
Euphoric Indie Dance with chilled female vocal "I'm free", "Breathe". Warm, uplifting Balearic feelgood.

Punk Electro
Dramatic, portentous synth-rock intro into rolling, serious electro groove.

Sky High
Driving beat with euphoric ambience and vocal fx. Exciting, graceful and panoramic.

Working On It
Rolling dub/reggae-house with atmospheric electronic fx and retro brass riffs.

Sleaze Patrol
Spaghetti Western guitar meets dark indie and dub for a sleazy showdown.

Get Along
Upbeat, rolling dance/dub-reggae crossover with effected male vocal - laid back, streetwise and slightly psychedelic.

Darkness Ahead
Dark, relentless trip hop featuring menacing electric guitar drone.

Let\'s Get Wasted
Simmering Nu Punk/Grunge - modern, dazed and dirty. Chorus- 'Let's get wasted'

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