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Mumbai Hustle
Fast, busy, exciting Indian percussion.

Across India
Highly positive and emotive, medium-pace anthem combining Indian and Western instruments.

Dreamland India
Acoustic guitars strum over chilled beat with Indian percussion, blissed-out sitar melody and psychedelic backwards fx.

The Trade Route
Gently purposeful, rolling jazz/trip-hop with a blend of exotic flavours.

News Asia
Upbeat news-theme with Asian/World feel. Attention-grabbing ident leads to rhythmic sound-bed (suitable for voice-over) and builds to closing ident. Short versions included.

Adventure East
Dance beats lead flowing bansuri (Indian flute) improvisations in a trans-India adventure.

Chennai Hustle
Intriguing blend of languid, exotic atmospherics and loose, jazzy rhythm section.

Exotic swirling altered piano soundtrack - lush and mysterious.

Monsoon Railway
Happy female Indian vocals over sitar drone and riffing backed with upbeat rolling trip hop and tabla.

Kashmiri Dub
Soaring Indian flute figures over lush pads and funky-chilled trip hop rhythm track with fem. ethnic vocals.

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