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An Exaltation Of Larks
Bright and breezy chamber-orchestral theme to happy intrigue with melodious sax and cornet lead.

Hotel Sarabande
Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande.

Rex Mortuus Est
Stormy, relentless chamber orchestra pays homage to Vivaldi's Baroque. Maximum melodrama with a bawdy edge.

Jazz Café
Quirky, upbeat Latin Jazz-Lounge with infectious Bossa beat, flighty flute and piano. Lighthearted and fun.

Questions Of Conscience
Piano solo with a thoughtfully positive, restrained and deliberate feel.

Stately processional for chamber orchestra and harpsichord - regal and solemn with a twist of intrigue and melodrama.

The Intrigue Unravels
Uproariously melodramatic runaway orchestral romp with harpsichord and reeds lending a raucous hand.

The court chamber ensemble plays Charles II off for a spot of deer hunting on a pristine April morning.

Life Is Swell
Blazingly upbeat and confident piano rag celebrating the good life 1910 style. (Before WW1, the Spanish Flu, Prohibition and the Great Depression)

When Hearts Entwine
Exotically romantic vintage piano rag with a Latin twist. Charlie gets the girl.

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