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The Widor Toccata
Thunderous shortened version of Charles-Marie Widor's famous Toccata - one of the most regularly requested wedding day organ works in the world.

Bridal Fanfare
Rejoicing, heraldic pipe organ fanfare. Loud and proud! (Versions with light and fuller organ registrations).

Light, stately piano waltz with a childlike, naive edge.

Play Of Memories
Gently upbeat solo piano accompaniment to sentimental reflection.

Circle Dance
Medium tempo circle dance performed by Russian balalaika orchestra, with intricate interlocking layers building to a final crescendo.

Female vocal Pop song about girl's passion for her lover. With reference to texting acronyms (AML, FYI).

Together Alone
Romantic female vocal Pop song celebrating long-distance love affair.

Like You Like It
Upbeat Female vocal Pop song about animal attraction and promises of love.

Hard, pumping Pop song with female vocals, about being hooked on love.

Everything Is Beautiful
Driving, uplifting Pop/Dance love song with soaring female vocals and optimistic, upbeat lyrics.

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