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Eighties Technology
Moody electronica builds to driving retro-eighties Synth-Pop anthem. Upbeat, positive and catchy.

Life Is Swell
Blazingly upbeat and confident piano rag celebrating the good life 1910 style. (Before WW1, the Spanish Flu, Prohibition and the Great Depression)

When Hearts Entwine
Exotically romantic vintage piano rag with a Latin twist. Charlie gets the girl.

At The Roller Rink
Energetic performance of vintage ragtime piano solo (Blue Grass Rag). Charlie struggling on roller skates to impress the pretty girl etc...

Christmas Holiday
Sunny retro-60s/70s Easy Listening with vibraphone, organ, sweeping strings and light, breezy Bossa nova backbeat.

Super-positive, sunny electro-dance anthem.

Jetstream Memories
Spacey, sunny indie intro into funky, flowing indie house with guitar over synth and dance beats.

City On Fire
Big bright and buzzy pop electro theme.

Funtime Tonight
Super-upbeat retro-sixties TV theme tune with cheesy vintage organ and glitzy brass.

Late Show
Catchy TV theme tune featuring Hammond organ over chatshow-style house band.

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