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Rolling News
Exciting soundtrack to news, sports, promos and features. Builds to climax with driving drums and bass, brass and soaring guitar. Prestigious with confident global feel.

Victory Parade
1940s/50s style, exuberant, brassy orchestral march bursting with proud celebration.

Natural Drama
Tense, fast, agitated strings and orchestra build with increasing power and grandeur.

Our Regal Heritage
Cheerful orchestral celebration with uplifting fanfare trumpets and neo-baroque harpsichord. Proud, patriotic and regal.

Antiques Show
Classical trumpet over light, breezy orchestra. Regal and jolly.

The Road To Glory
Orchestra and guitar gently build to triumphant fanfare brass and exultant choir at 1:07.

Dark Wings
Dark intro builds with rock drums, guitar, orchestra and choir to epic grand finale. Gothic and melodramatic.

Freedom Flight
Heavenly soprano voice soars over stately, building string orchestra. Sublime beauty, grace and euphoria.

The Big Event
Momentous orchestral fanfare builds to massive climax. Epic! (stereo & surround mixes)

Trouble In Wonderland
Wonder-filled orchestral trailer with choral touches - drama with magic.

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