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Categories: Funky House

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St Tropez Nights
Jazzy guitar and flute over cool, upbeat, Lounge/House.

Call Me Slick
Hi energy retro disco-house with more than a touch of kitsch.

Club Africa Filimbi
Rolling house groove overlaid with soaring Filimbi flute improvisations and African vocal samples.

The Joker
Fun and bouncy funky house with crazed and twisted sampled trumpet section.

On The List
Main-room funky house with sexy European accented female vocal- 2 alternate mixes.

Pensive intro into Balearic house groove with atmospheric rhythm stabs and strings with indistinct downbeat vocal sample.

Bora Bora
Relentless mid-tempo electro-tinged progressive house groove feat. male vocal sample "Sunshine".

Party Animal
Prowling tech-house with decadent sounding spoken male vocal sample and Latin-tinged percussion.

Give Me Your Sex
Driving funky house with raunchy continental accented female rap.

Cool, breezy, uptempo electro-house with catchy riffy synth lead.

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