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Categories: Funky House

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St Tropez NightsVersions/Download
Jazzy guitar and flute over cool, upbeat, Lounge/House.

Call Me Slick
Hi energy retro disco-house with more than a touch of kitsch.

Club Africa Filimbi
Rolling house groove overlaid with soaring Filimbi flute improvisations and African vocal samples.

The JokerVersions/Download
Fun and bouncy funky house with crazed and twisted sampled trumpet section.

On The List
Main-room funky house with sexy European accented female vocal- 2 alternate mixes.

Pensive intro into Balearic house groove with atmospheric rhythm stabs and strings with indistinct downbeat vocal sample.

Bora Bora
Relentless mid-tempo electro-tinged progressive house groove feat. male vocal sample "Sunshine".

Party AnimalVersions/Download
Prowling tech-house with decadent sounding spoken male vocal sample and Latin-tinged percussion.

Give Me Your Sex
Driving funky house with raunchy continental accented female rap.

Cool, breezy, uptempo electro-house with catchy riffy synth lead.

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