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Douce Tristesse
Sweetly melancholic, nostalgic French romance with accordion and guitar.

Avec Plaisir
Warm, easygoing accordion and guitar waltz glowing with Gallic contentment.

La Belle France
Bright and breezy light Trad Jazz band with jolly piano and accordion.

Jolly, ambling, light French-style cafe-jazz with guitar, accordion, violin and flute.

Café Paris
Easygoing swing-jazz with accordion and mellow guitar. Gallic gastronomy!

Imagine (Tu Flotte)
Image by Jurgen Ziewe
Indie Dance/Chill out with french female vocals "Tu marches dans un paysage de soie"

La Petomane
Sensitive exploration of the themes of Frenchness and Flatulence featuring suitably scatological samples and accordion.

Ska Et Frites
Good-natured Gallic-flavoured mid-tempo Ska featuring accordion plus brass and electronic swirls and bleeps.

Non Non Non
Extravagantly melodramatic orchestral theme with emphatic female choral 'Non!' insistently over.