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Balkan Holiday
Quirky, humorous Gypsy-Ska crossover with Russian balalaikas, bandura, 1960’s tremolo electric guitar, Hammond organ and drums.

Just One Glass
Upbeat, fun Russian Gypsy drinking song arranged for balalaikas, domras & gypsy guitar.

Among The Roses
Pensive recorder and duduk over early string ensemble. Beautiful, reflective, romantic and slow.

Fanfare For The Renaissance Man
Tudor/Renaissance fanfare with sackbuts, shawm, lute and recorder sections.

Tudors At Work
Light background to everyday Tudor/Renaissance life feat. pipes, lutes and drum.

Be Of Good Cheer
Gently filmic, cheery Tudor wind ensemble with lute and light percussion. Neutral and positive.

Tudor Life
Simple musical backdrop to Tudor life feat. pipe with lute and drum.

Off The Beaten Track
Happy, upbeat acoustic Folk guitars over light percussion with violas and Columbian tiple (small guitar). Warm and lively.

Quit The Rat Race
Upbeat acoustic Folk with picked acoustic guitar, upright bass, light percussion and mandolin.

Country Kitchen
Mellow folk guitar builds with upright bass, mandocello and bouzouki.

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