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Categories: Feelgood - (Indie Rock)

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Summer Day
Warm, upbeat Indie Chill with rolling piano lead. Easygoing and feelgood.

Here To Inspire
Light pop-folk intro builds gradually into warm, uplifting orchestral anthem.

Going To Be Okay
Indie Rocker evolves gradually from hopeful suspense, through several levels of excitement to massively positive, uplifting conclusion.

On My Way
Celebratory, rolling Indie Rock with anthemic guitar lead and Celtic/Scottish feel.

Warm, uplifting Indie Rock with soaring female voices builds to euphoric, explosive finale @ 1:36.

On A High
Happy, uplifting Nu-Folk Indie with upbeat drums, piano and mandolin.

Along The Shoreline
Flowing, upbeat Pop-Rock with bright, catchy piano theme. Warm and uplifting.

Thoughtful guitar intro into serious, restless, breaks-driven indie pop-rocker.

Racing Back
Edgy intro grows into increasingly uplifting and urgent indie soundtrack.

Indie rocker builds from thoughtful start to uplifting theme.

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