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Categories: Feelgood - (Eclectic Styles)

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Summer Joy
Warm rolling piano over soft acoustic-folk backing with ukulele. Light and relaxed.

Holiday High
Upbeat Indie-Folk with violin lead. Warm and happy.

Virtual Dreams
Spacey, tech atmosphere builds with dreamy female voice and sense of chilled, trippy wonder.

New Horizons
Uplifting ambient intro builds with chilled beats into mellow, optimistic theme.

In Production
Feelgood backdrop to technical activity with light, upbeat electronica and beats.

Easy Tech
Light, postive electronica and beats with simple, happy, technological feel.

Digital Life
Warm, upbeat electronica with expansive, technological feel. Uplifting and euphoric.

Hitting Your Stride
Suspenseful, portentous intro gives way to purposeful, upbeat piano/orchestral theme.

Salsa Cubana
Bright, brassy Cuban Salsa with infectious Latin percussion and happy party atmosphere.

Mysterious, enchanted intro slides into stirring indie anthem with a Nordic tinge, grows steadily to lilting, surreally upbeat climax.

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