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Reporting From

Upbeat news-theme with Worldbeat feel. Attention-grabbing ident leads to rhythmic sound-bed (suitable for voice-over) and builds to closing ident. Short versions included.

Last Goodbye

A slow, touching orchestral memorial with piano and orchestra. Dignified, beautiful and sad.

Bleak Expectations

Bleak with a touch of mystery. Builds gently with cello and orchestral strings over restless minimalist figures.


Enigmatic hang-drum intro, goes a bit glitchy, then finally something so weird and exciting and wonderful happens, it doesn't quite have a name yet (although it's kind of electronic RnB). Then it does it all again. 

Into The Blue

Purposeful, rolling EDM serenade to anyone having a perfect life amongst the fjords/mountains/coral reefs of their dream planet. Sunny Emo with muscle-power.

Feel The Burn

Shimmering pads, thunderous tribal drums; all swept away (@ 52sec) by a huge slab of sinister, sexy, rolling electronic bass...

Inner Strength

Emotive EDM grows from pensive beginnings to solemn anthemic theme.


Highly poignant, tragically beautiful cellos intertwine over low strings drone.

Farewell Love

Passionate sweeping orchestral string swells and waves of emotional piano. A soundtrack to epic filmic romance.

Moments Of Longing

Slow, pensive piano and orchestra with sad but hopeful, spacious feel.