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Hitting Your Stride
Suspenseful, portentous intro gives way to purposeful, upbeat piano/orchestral theme.

Prepare To Launch
Suspenseful, apprehensive piano and guitar intro builds towards big, serious, affirmative indie anthem (enters @ 1:00).

Working Out Fine
Contemporary soundtrack evolving from lightly suspenseful piano building gradually to positive, affirmative light pop-rock theme.

Future Design
Ambient intro builds with bass and solid beat to positive electronic theme. Spacey, warm, edgy electronica.

The Headlines
Urgent, positive orchestral/electronic news theme with big intro to drop section for voice-over.

Weighty News
Copyright: macor / 123RF Stock Photo
Serious, fast, momentous orchestra with big-drums builds to dramatic climax.

Eco Magic
Eerie, wonky intro into shimmering atmospheric electronica with light piano and spacey pads. Positive and super Hi-Tech.

Breaking News
Serious News/Corporate ident with orchestral hits and urgent synth sequence undercurrent.

Nordic Mystery
Brooding, moody strings, piano and electronica with a touch of the Nordic crime dramas.

Dreams In Steel
Image by Mani9flores
Anthemic synth-chords over rolling house beats, with a techy, business edge.

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