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Big Data
Pulsing bass under driving beat and bleeping electronica. Weighty, repetitive and technological.

Serious, weighty scientific soundbed with deep, slow-driving bass and electronica.

Metal meets dubstep and has a massive rumble just for fun.

Gone in 60Versions/Download
Fast and furious chemical rocker blends rock and electronica with manic breakbeats - driving, intense and menacing.

Night RunningVersions/Download
Pounding, synth-led chemical rock with lush, tripped-out pad sections.

Hell MachinesVersions/Download
Blisteringly abrasive hardcore dubstep - giant robots battling to the death.

Intense rave-tinged Drum n Bass with epic drop/re-entry (01:11/01:49).

Fast and furious Drum n Bass workout with strident computer-game like synth lead over skipping drums and hard-as-nails bass.

Ride The Sea
Majestic indie rock/orchestral anthem with epic overtones.

River Crossing
Wholesome, positive, piano-led evocation of rural/coastal vistas with grand backing and male operatic lead sections.

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