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Categories: Extreme Engineering

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Victory Story
Tentative, thoughtful strings and piano build gradually towards soaring and triumphant orchestral conclusion - Twice!

Power And Glory
Pensive piano and pads intro lifts massively into epic indie orchestral power ballad chorus.

Big Data
Pulsing bass under driving beat and bleeping electronica. Weighty, repetitive and technological.

Serious, weighty scientific soundbed with deep, slow-driving bass and electronica.

Metal meets dubstep and has a massive rumble just for fun.

Gone in 60
Fast and furious chemical rocker blends rock and electronica with manic breakbeats - driving, intense and menacing.

Night Running
Pounding, synth-led chemical rock with lush, tripped-out pad sections.

Hell Machines
Blisteringly abrasive hardcore dubstep - giant robots battling to the death.

Intense rave-tinged Drum n Bass with epic drop/re-entry (01:11/01:49).

Fast and furious Drum n Bass workout with strident computer-game like synth lead over skipping drums and hard-as-nails bass.

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