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Categories: Extreme Aggression

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Tribal Warriors
Driving Maori war dance with intense tribal drumming and Haka war cries.

Gritted Teeth
Steely, racing Death Metal with blazing guitars. Very fast and aggressive.

Aggressive, pounding Death Metal onslaught with detuned riffing guitars.

Hot Metal
No-nonsense, fast, badass Heavy Metal. Aggressive, confident and powerful.

Hot Rod
Growling, macho Biker Rock/Metal with a gritty Southern US feel. Slick and dirty

Tough Guys
Hard, driving testosterone-fueled Biker Rock/Metal. Crashing, tough and aggressive.

Steppin' Out
Strutting, hard-riffing, mid-tempo Rock with badass attitude.

Rough Rider
Action-packed, high-speed Punk/Nu Metal. Powerful, youthful and fun.

Thrash And Burn
High-speed Nu Metal/Punk. Action-packed, aggressive and dizzyingly fast.

Messed Up
Snarling Nu-Metal/Punk Rock with menacing bass, relentless driving beat and occasional shouts.

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