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Categories: Enigmatic & Mysterious

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Electric Dreams
Deep vintage synth atmosphere builds to stirring theme in wonderfully executed tribute to the pioneers of synthesis.

Night Driver
Dark and moody progressive/deep house groover with haunting synth melodies and FX.

Space Signals
Wondrous atmosphere with gentle piano and ethereal voices builds over swirling, swooshing background noise.

Deep Mystery
Deep drone with swirling effects and ethereal voices. Awe-inspiring, vast space.

Awesome mysterious space with enigmatic choir over deep, dark drones.

Wondrous Revelation
Spacey, mysterious, atmosphere builds with orchestra to magnificent climax. Awesome beauty.

Looking For Answers
Bleak, neutral piano figures develop slowly with stark electronica, drum machine, solo violin and cello. Thoughtful and moody.

New Discoveries
Gently unfolding atmosphere of wonder with light percussion and sparkling synth.

Bad Android
Dark industrial wasteland FX intro into grand dubstep processional - fast-cut rapid action mid section.

Night Prowler
Sinister atmospherics into cool, glamorous electronic lounge-house groove.

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