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Categories: Electronic Chill

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Virtual Dreams
Spacey, tech atmosphere builds with dreamy female voice and sense of chilled, trippy wonder.

New Horizons
Uplifting ambient intro builds with chilled beats into mellow, optimistic theme.

In Production
Feelgood backdrop to technical activity with light, upbeat electronica and beats.

Easy Tech
Light, postive electronica and beats with simple, happy, technological feel.

Digital Life
Warm, upbeat electronica with expansive, technological feel. Uplifting and euphoric.

Heat Haze
Minimal, suspenseful, atmospheric house with an edge.

Summer Wind
Sensual chilled house with dreamy electronic vocal atmospherics over rolling, growling bassline.

Thoughtful, atmospheric chilled house with dreamy female vocal fragments.

Icy cool chilled techy-house groove with airy atmospherics including big, spacey breath effects. Sparsely melodic piano lines enter at 1:50.

Gliding abstract house groover with a thoughtful, technological edge.

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