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Super-positive, sunny electro-dance anthem.

Jetstream Memories
Spacey, sunny indie intro into funky, flowing indie house with guitar over synth and dance beats.

City On Fire
Big bright and buzzy pop electro theme.

Praise The Day
Enigmatic, cooly uplifting Electro-Lounge with atmospheric female vocal.

Aurora Nights
Hyper-cool electro-chill with dreamy, intoxicated Nordic female vocal.

Future Disco
Urgent, robotic intro falls into catchy electro-house groove.

Frenzied House-Electro dancefloor stormer.

Light The Sky
Explosively energised Electro with intense driving verses into towering, hands-in-the-air choruses.

Hands In The Air
Pounding Electro-House for partying hard.

Dream Candy
Cute and playful intro riffs over solid Electro-Disco build to big anthemic Electro chorus.

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