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Dark Launch
Driving chemical electronica over a techy bass and massive beats.

Petrol Storm
Wikimedia: Morio
Storming distorted chemical-rock/trip-hop with tortured synth riff over thunderous bass and breaks. 

Hazy Days
Warmly enigmatic, rolling, trip-hoppy electronica with a surreally contented touch.

Ready To Roll
Fast, driving punk-edged modern Rock. Exciting and confident.

So Good
Feelgood UK soul with funky guitar and bass, breakbeats and male-vocal samples. Partying urban cool.

Skeleton Coast
Dub featuring oldskool brass licks over weirdly twisted, dislocated backing - the herbs have definitely kicked in.

Perdition Dub
Salsa-driven dub with an unsettled, edgy feel. Storm clouds over Jamaica.

Zombie Dub
Trippy, spooky intro into twisted atmospheric dub groove - ghosts and zombies skanking the night away.

Worldbeat Dub
Funky salsa/worldbeat-driven dub with tricky electronica flourishes. Fun, sexy, intoxicated.

Low Roller
Driving dub groove lit up with big synth brass, crazy bleeps, and mix tricks.

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