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Light And Happy
Light Indie-Folk with ukuleles and happy whistling. Soft, warm and cute.

Game Boy
Quirky Bigbeat with a lighthearted, fun, gaming feel.

The Jolly Parade
Bright and bouncy orchestral comedy march. Full of vintage whimsy!

The Jolly Parade (Vintage Sound)
Bright and bouncy orchestral comedy march. Full of vintage whimsy! (Lo-fi vintage sound)

Gentle Journeys
Contented and warm, gently rolling Nu-Folk with ukulele, guitar and light glitchy fx.

Smiley Happy
Cheerful ukulule over poppy, fun backing with lighthearted glitchy fx.

Happy Shopping
Quirky, fun-loving whistling and ukulele over bouncy backing.

Vintage Love Affair
Vintage 70s Euro-cinema idea of incredibly touching and emotional, with old synths. When sad becomes funny.

Dreamy, gently psychedelic, and considerably cheesy homage to the great French romances of the 60s and 70s. Retro lounge with ethereal 'la la' female vocal.

Sole Italiano
Sunny Mediterranean kitsch from a bygone age with acoustic guitar and piano over bubbling bass and percussion. Joyful retro fun.

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