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Super-positive, sunny electro-dance anthem.

Jetstream Memories
Spacey, sunny indie intro into funky, flowing indie house with guitar over synth and dance beats.

City On Fire
Big bright and buzzy pop electro theme.

Pan Pipes Attack!
Image by Mani9flores
Portentous synth riff intro into crazy pan-pipes riff over pounding EDM.

Big Up
Image by Mani9flores
Dramatic trancey EDM intro into dark, pounding minimal groove.

Spring Breakers
Image by Mani9flores
Hot and sexy EDM salsa featuring driving Sax riff, for burning up the beach in Miami.

Image by Mani9flores
Urgent, techy EDM.

World In Motion
Image by Mani9flores
Big thoughtful pads line gives way to flying EDM action theme. Lush, stylish, glam.

Power Trip
Image by Mani9flores
Intense synth chord groove into dramatic, bouncy EDM lead over pounding bass.

Dreams In Steel
Image by Mani9flores
Anthemic synth-chords over rolling house beats, with a techy, business edge.

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