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Silent Fright
Tongue-In-Cheek Dubstep version of 'Silent Night' with grinding synths and punchy drums and bass. Youthful and fun.

Epic AttackVersions/Download
Menacing, robotic Dubstep groove interspersed with Trance-flavoured atmospheric breakdowns.

Invasion ImminentVersions/Download
Retro Drum and Bass intro gives way to pulverising, twisted Dubstep with sci-fi overtones.

My Name Is Legion
Goth filmic choir-led intro builds to tortured, abrasive Dubstep histrionics with dark synth-hero fragments woven in.

Oh Oh Oh
Addictive, insistent 'Oh Oh' vocal sample over molten, rolling Dubstep.

Out Of Their MindsVersions/Download
Theatrical atmospherics lead to pulverising, grooving Dubstep mayhem.

Incendiary mixture of Metal and Dubstep.

Double KillVersions/Download
Epic Gothic orchestra/choir trades punches with searing Dubstep in a grand celebration of mayhem.

Disturbing crime scene atmospherics into (0:49) brutal, malevolent Dubstep with occasional voice sample -'Bitch'.

Acid Roots
Buzzing, synth-driven, Dubstepper's take on classic roots Reggae.

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