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Silent Fright
Tongue-In-Cheek Dubstep version of 'Silent Night' with grinding synths and punchy drums and bass. Youthful and fun.

Epic Attack
Menacing, robotic Dubstep groove interspersed with Trance-flavoured atmospheric breakdowns.

Invasion Imminent
Retro Drum and Bass intro gives way to pulverising, twisted Dubstep with sci-fi overtones.

My Name Is Legion
Goth filmic choir-led intro builds to tortured, abrasive Dubstep histrionics with dark synth-hero fragments woven in.

Oh Oh Oh
Addictive, insistent 'Oh Oh' vocal sample over molten, rolling Dubstep.

Out Of Their Minds
Theatrical atmospherics lead to pulverising, grooving Dubstep mayhem.

Incendiary mixture of Metal and Dubstep.

Double Kill
Epic Gothic orchestra/choir trades punches with searing Dubstep in a grand celebration of mayhem.

Disturbing crime scene atmospherics into (0:49) brutal, malevolent Dubstep with occasional voice sample -'Bitch'.

Acid Roots
Buzzing, synth-driven, Dubstepper's take on classic roots Reggae.

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