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Skeleton Coast
Dub featuring oldskool brass licks over weirdly twisted, dislocated backing - the herbs have definitely kicked in.

Perdition Dub
Salsa-driven dub with an unsettled, edgy feel. Storm clouds over Jamaica.

Zombie Dub
Trippy, spooky intro into twisted atmospheric dub groove - ghosts and zombies skanking the night away.

Worldbeat Dub
Funky salsa/worldbeat-driven dub with tricky electronica flourishes. Fun, sexy, intoxicated.

Low Roller
Driving dub groove lit up with big synth brass, crazy bleeps, and mix tricks.

Come Jah
Rumbling dub with spacey FX.

Boom Nation
Intense rolling dub with head-twisting FX and thunderous dub bass.