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Monkey Boy
Fast and fun Drum and Bass workout. Cheeky and urgent.

Gone in 60
Fast and furious chemical rocker blends rock and electronica with manic breakbeats - driving, intense and menacing.

Intense rave-tinged Drum n Bass with epic drop/re-entry (01:11/01:49).

Fast and furious Drum n Bass workout with strident computer-game like synth lead over skipping drums and hard-as-nails bass.

Dashing About
Manically poppy grime/drum and bass with catchy chords and strong electric guitar theme over.

Meet Your Match
Tense, restless, menacing drum and bass with agitated synth strings top line. Pounding and shifty.

Medium-tempo, bitter-sweet Drum n' Bass. Manic voice samples and smashing glass over menacing creeping bass synth. Weird, oddball and tongue-in-cheek.

New Creps
Dirty, bombastic Drum n' Bass with stop-start amusement-arcade bass and drums, and manic vocal and sound effects.

Urban Rush
Fast UK urban jungle. Manic, speeded-up hiphop beats with dubby bass and vocal samples. Tough, clubby, unrelenting street attitude.

Fight Night
Hard, fast, unrelenting Drum 'n Bass. Explosive beats with pounding bass and twisted synth.