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Future Design
Ambient intro builds with bass and solid beat to positive electronic theme. Spacey, warm, edgy electronica.

Deep Mystery
Deep drone with swirling effects and ethereal voices. Awe-inspiring, vast space.

Big Data
Pulsing bass under driving beat and bleeping electronica. Weighty, repetitive and technological.

Major Breakthrough
Serious, suspenseful intro to driving, positive chemical beats and electronica.

Future Wired
Evolving synthesizer sequences over rolling beats with enigmatic, scientific feel.

Bad Android
Dark industrial wasteland FX intro into grand dubstep processional - fast-cut rapid action mid section.

The Pit LaneVersions/Download
Hi tech race-car themed sound-design intro to purposeful orchestral action theme. Click photo to access version without car FX.

Night Prowler
Sinister atmospherics into cool, glamorous electronic lounge-house groove.

From The DarkVersions/Download
Atmospheric electronica with a touch of melodrama and dark glamour.

Future Disco
Urgent, robotic intro falls into catchy electro-house groove.

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