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The Price Of War
Dark, edgy atmosphere with haunting Arabic zither and percussion over sinister drone, punctuated by muted, subtle explosive fx.

Into The Cemetery
Supernatural atmosphere of suspense with low drone, creepy woodwind and ghostly voices.

Paranormal Suspense
Supernatural atmosphere with sinister, shimmering orchestral strings, slow persistent drum and mysterious ethereal voices.

Haunted Ballroom
Ghostly slow waltz with piano, celeste and creepy dulcimer glissandos.

Autumn Affair
Thoughtful solo piano joined by chamber strings for gently emotive soundtrack with a rural flavour.

Missing Person
Tense, moody trip-hop with glitchy beats, piano, strings and atmospheric electronica. 

Cold Night Sky
Moody hybrid soundtrack with marimba figures over sparse piano and strings. Bleakly beautiful.

Black Drone
Intense and menacing deep, dark drone with ethereal female voice and strings fx. Backdrop to overpowering fear and suspense.

Clock Watcher
Dark, tense atmosphere with ticking clock.

Alien Space
Ultra-minimal delicate atmosphere; creepy, spacey, futuristic sci-fi.

Pages:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8