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Categories: Danger, Threat & Suspense

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Intense orchestral narrative; a monster storm develops from sinister prelude through to explosive, raging climax with pounding drums. (Storm hits at 2:22)

Mystic River
Solemn, pensive intro to massive, portentous orchestral chord cycle - lush, haunting and epic.

The Passage Of Time
Intensely meditative and poignant, delicately filmic piano over a light orchestral bed.

A Brief History Of Enterprise
Wikimedia - JG Katz
Brisk, exciting orchestral Minimalism moving in ever-shifting cycles - Viagra for the mind.

The Madness Of The King
Wikipedia Public Domain
Urgent orchestral Minimalism with a dreamlike, melodramatic edge.

Orpheus Descends
Wikimedia Public Domain
Mysteriously portentous orchestral Minimalism with sombre, spiralling cello lines.

Alien Space
Ultra-minimal delicate atmosphere; creepy, spacey, futuristic sci-fi.

Ghost Freighter
Haunting minimalist atmosphere/drone, with listless violin and distant bells.

Dark Happenings
Creepy, listless piano solo over haunting effected atmospherics.

Ghost Mountain
Bleak, mournful Celtic flavoured lament for cello with ghostly effected background bed.

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