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Africa Jam
Uplifting tribal African Worldbeat builds with driving drums, happy voices and electro bass.

Dark Launch
Driving chemical electronica over a techy bass and massive beats.

Petrol Storm
Wikimedia: Morio
Storming distorted chemical-rock/trip-hop with tortured synth riff over thunderous bass and breaks. 

Club Africa
Upbeat rolling funky house with cut up African vocal chant samples.

Fast, funky urban action with wobbly synth bass and male vocal shouts over big beats.

Game Boy
Quirky Bigbeat with a lighthearted, fun, gaming feel.

So Good
Feelgood UK soul with funky guitar and bass, breakbeats and male-vocal samples. Partying urban cool.

Zem Zem
Pounding Tech House with dramatic Middle-Eastern atmospherics and Arabic female vocals.

Heat Haze
Minimal, suspenseful, atmospheric house with an edge.

Summer Wind
Sensual chilled house with dreamy electronic vocal atmospherics over rolling, growling bassline.

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