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Categories: Country Blues

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Walk The Walk
Rolling Country-Rock/Blues with attitude.

Roadhouse Blues
Medium-slow southern Blues/Roadhouse electric Rock with a touch of banjo.

Whiskey And Smoke
Rough-edged acoustic blues guitar with slide banjo and finger clicks. Intimate and simple.

Rockasilly Hop
Wacky Rock N' Roll fun with kazoo and male vocal "Yeah, Go Go".

Silly Hillbilly
Comic, upbeat country-style hoedown with banjo and blues harp.

Upbeat country band with rolling banjo, blues harp & comedy whistle fx.

Driving, slide-guitar led roadhouse blues groover - cooly upbeat.

Lonesome Cowboy
Sad and tender ballad to the Big Country - harmonica over acoustic guitar. 

Desolation Blues
Sparse, blues-steel guitar figures over bleak, desolate, shifting electronic ambience.

Space Cowboys
Image from NASA
The perfect soundtrack for cowboys. In space. Vintage space comms over waltzing country guitar ballad.

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