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Rural Fun
Upbeat Country/Folk with acoustic guitar intro joined by bass and light percussion. Bright and jolly.

Silly Hillbilly
Comic, upbeat country-style hoedown with banjo and blues harp.

Lonesome Cowboy
Sad and tender ballad to the Big Country - harmonica over acoustic guitar. 

Moonshine Billy
Country-style square dance with reeling fiddle, accordion, banjo and merry beat.

Happy, rollicking country/folk with fiddle, jews harp, pedal steel and dobro guitars.

Busy Bluegrass
Jolly upbeat Bluegrass romp with twangy guitar.

Slightly Silly
Comic, upbeat country-folk. Ideal for bloopers, cute animals, kids. (versions with or without yodeling)

Way Out West 2
Tuneful, happy, Western country-style band featuring banjo, pedal steel and mandolin.

Way Out West 1
Tuneful, jolly solo banjo with guitar and bongos.

Raise The Barn
Manically positive banjo-led Blue Grass soundtrack for a Barn-Raising party.

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