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Categories: Comic Tension

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Sneaky Pets
Light orchestral mischief with funny percussive effects. Quick, cute and quirky.

Life In Suburbia
Mid-paced, light, quirky mallets, drums and woodwind. Slightly oddball, busy and fun.

Busy Pranksters
Urgent, upbeat orchestra with plucked strings, mallets and jazzy drums. Fast and funny.

Light, upbeat comic intrigue with plucked strings, marimba and skittish Trap beats.

Spying Over The Fence
Lighthearted, cute, sparse marimba, solo woodwind and delicate, quirky percussive touches.

Up To No Good
Gambolling, light cinematic comedy with funny orchestral hits and swells.

Up To Tricks
Impish orchestral comic tension with flighty woodwind and plucked strings. Cinematic and funny.

Believe In Magic
Magical fantasy intro with orchestra and choir builds to wondrous reveal.

Alice In Wonderland
Tiptoeing magical intro with plucked strings and celeste develops with orchestra to dramatic build before dropping away.

Mischief Afoot
Tiptoeing plucked strings and woodwind evolve into light, upbeat, whimsical orchestral fantasy - with a hint of mischief!

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