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Vintage Love Affair
Vintage 70s Euro-cinema idea of incredibly touching and emotional, with old synths. When sad becomes funny.

Dreamy, gently psychedelic, and considerably cheesy homage to the great French romances of the 60s and 70s. Retro lounge with ethereal 'la la' female vocal.

The First Kiss
Achingly nostalgic, impossibly romantic Waltz for accordion, violin and piano. Just you, the moonlight and Edna Purviance. Circa 1920.

Adeline Mon Amour
Warm, relaxed, happy, jazzy saunter celebrating the best of times. Piano, accordion and violin.

Chase Scene
Manic, music-hall acccordion, piano and violin chase music, with an Eastern European gypsy slant.

When Hearts Entwine
Exotically romantic vintage piano rag with a Latin twist. Charlie gets the girl.

Waltzing With Irma
Lilting, gently cheerful waltz for piano and accordion. Easygoing Gallic charm plus a helping of romance and nostalgia.

Dream Of Love
Heartfelt, poignantly sentimental street-musician rendition of the theme from Liszt's famous Liebestraum with accordion and honky-tonk piano.

Party In Steerage
Rollicking, accordion, violin and piano tear along in a vintage celebration of love and fun.

On The Promenade
Jaunty accordion, piano and violin. Fun and nostalgic with a touch of cheerful drunkenness.

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