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Categories: Clumsy, Wobbly, Drunk

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Oh Crikey!
Bouncy, brassy comedy orchestral with flighty woodwind.

End Of The Pier
Bouncy honky-tonk piano with tuba, and comedy whistles. Quintessential English holiday silliness.

Do It Yourself
Happy whistling over light comedic orchestra with plodding tuba bass.

Havin' A Laugh
Jolly fun with plodding tuba and sprightly piccolo.

Belarus Party Song
Popular Belarusian drinking song. Accordion-led, folk band with merry male and female vocals. Version with party fx.

Bubble Machine
Sunny, trippy reggae mixed with buzzy, robotic dubstep. Upbeat and quirky.

Dubstep Babylon
Reggae based Dubstep with echoing reggae vocals, explosive sci-fi FX and super-catchy rasping bassline.

Retro Beach
Sunny, whimsical retro 50's pop with sparkling bells and catchy guitar melody. Dreamy, surf fantasy.

Happy Hippo
Lazy, lumbering brass, rolling drums and happy whistling. Evocative of fat, contended animals.

Down The Pub
Honky-tonk piano, cheery whistled tune and tuba evoke English seaside and pub jollies.

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