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Stately processional for chamber orchestra and harpsichord - regal and solemn with a twist of intrigue and melodrama.

A Gilded Cage 2
Chamber orchestral Baroque pastiche with a flavour of comedic intrigue.

Strong Hands
Massively uplifting pop orchestral hybrid with gently hopeful intro building to epic euphoric lift at 1:08 (again@2:24).

Autumn Beauty
Lush, expansive orchestral strings and woodwind evoke images of rolling countryside.

End Of Harvest
Flowing piano with lush string orchestra paint a nostalgic picture of rural life.

Fields Of England
Sweeping classical string orchestra with haunting solo oboe evoke a romantic pastoral idyll with a touch of nostalgia.

Our Regal Heritage
Cheerful orchestral celebration with uplifting fanfare trumpets and neo-baroque harpsichord. Proud, patriotic and regal.

Graceful, flowing piano builds over orchestral strings and woodwind. Unfolding majestic, pastoral beauty.

Country House
Dainty piano and oboe over sprightly classical orchestra. Elegant and carefree.

Antiques Show
Classical trumpet over light, breezy orchestra. Regal and jolly.

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