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Magic Flight
Magical, cinematic orchestra and choir builds with drama and waltzing wonder.

Wonder Ride
Soaring magical rollercoaster ride on an epic orchestral scale. (versions with and without sleigh bells)

Magic And Wonder
Slowly lilting orchestral waltz. Gently magical and delicate.

Winter Wonderland
Winter magic with sparkling chimes, lightly plucked strings, orchestra and choir.

Light And Playful
Sunny and warm, upbeat orchestral minimalism with softly plucked strings, clarinet, light percussion and tinkling vibraphone.

Christmas Holiday
Sunny retro-60s/70s Easy Listening with vibraphone, organ, sweeping strings and light, breezy Bossa nova backbeat.

Easy Listening Xmas
Authentic retro-sixties Easy Listening, with kitsch organ, lush strings and happy cha-cha beat.

Preparing for Christmas
Light background to Christmas activities with lightly plucked strings, piano, woodwind, brass and bells.

Silent Fright
Tongue-In-Cheek Dubstep version of 'Silent Night' with grinding synths and punchy drums and bass. Youthful and fun.

Ding Dong Christmas
'Ding Dong' bells into bouncy, jolly retro-Christmas tune with sleigh bells, bassoon, celeste and strings. Key change at 54s.

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