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The Road To Glory
Orchestra and guitar gently build to triumphant fanfare brass and exultant choir at 1:07.

Dark Wings
Dark intro builds with rock drums, guitar, orchestra and choir to epic grand finale. Gothic and melodramatic.

Alle Psallite
Celebratory, 13th century religious motet with harp and male choir.

Dark Chant
Deep and dark solo male Gregorian chanting over droning voices. Sombre and austere.

Spy Games
Mysterious and portentous retro-filmic orchestral backing over rolling breakbeat, joined by male and female choral histrionics.

The Coming Storm
Urgent and solemn choral/orchestral theme with electronic embellishments.

Driving orchestra and choir build to dramatic climax over galloping drums.

Requiem For A Hero
Dark, Gothic orchestra and choir builds to melodramatic climax.

Soaringly OTT Pomp-Rock/Choral/Orchestral anthem; joyfully melodramatic.

Our Hero
Chugging rock metal with Gothic choir and orchestra builds to powerful filmic climax.

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