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Sweet And Swinging
Happy, skippy bells, plucked violin, strummed guitar and light Folk-Jazzy feel.

Happy Hop
Bright and quirky with chimes over skipping beats.

Soft And Gentle
Gentle, folky acoustic guitars, bells and plucked strings. Soft, warm and cute.

Light And Happy
Light Indie-Folk with ukuleles and happy whistling. Soft, warm and cute.

Super Sunny
Manically jolly and fun with ukulele and whistling.

Game Boy
Quirky Bigbeat with a lighthearted, fun, gaming feel.

Lucky Kitty
Cute, quirky and upbeat ukulele and melodica.

Special Moments
Thoughtfully upbeat solo piano waltz. Warm and gently emotive.

Summer Meadow
Upbeat, uptempo light solo piano with a summery, rural feel.

Light, stately piano waltz with a childlike, naive edge.

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